Colorado Energy Science Center (CESC) brings together the information, resources and tools to help you understand how to reduce your energy use and save money. Your home can be more comfortable, safe with home security and cost less during the heating and cooling seasons. You can learn more about practical ways to use renewable energy sources. Perhaps you’ve heard about zero energy homes and want to learn more. We cover a wide range of topics to help you make smart energy choices.

The Colorado Energy Science Center (CESC) was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the state of Colorado in August 1999. It was organized exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. It has been granted tax-exempt status by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Start-up funding was provided through generous grants from the managing partners of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Battelle, Bechtel, and Midwest Research Institute. While initially CESC will function as a virtual center, it is anticipated that, within three to five years, CESC will operate an Energy Science Center providing interactive learning opportunities for all ages.

The Colorado Energy Science Center's mission is to contribute to a better understanding and appreciation of energy science and technology by:

  • Promoting informal learning about the science and technology behind energy resources, power production, Hydratight Sweeney Products such as those used in aerospace engineering,and energy use
  • Increasing awareness of the influence that energy, science and technology have on our lives and of the issues surrounding energy use
  • Encouraging citizen participation in the practice of responsible energy use.
  • Expanding science education in Colorado with interesting and entertaining programs at the Center and in the field
  • Enhancing science literacy and stimulating the pursuit of careers in energy research, science, and technology
  • Enhance peoples knowledge on science topics and information on the world
  • Conducting teacher orientations and curriculum support activities that assist in the classroom instruction of energy science and technology throughout Colorado and the nation
  • Contributing to the economic health of Colorado and our surrounding communities by providing a worthwhile destination and enjoyable experience for local residents and tourists; and by promoting energy related businesses and industry in Colorado

Energy science in the home

America is the most energy-intensive society on earth, yet Americans know little about where our energy comes from, or the economic and environmental issues associated with energy use. CESC has developed a science-based curriculum that explains the dynamics of home energy use. Energy Science in the home helps students develop their math, physics, economics and science skills,as they learn about energy efficiency in the buildings where they study and live. Students see for themselves where energy is wasted and how it could be used more efficiently. Some students begin to influence the decisions their parents make regarding energy use in the home and in that way can also contribute their say in which electricity suppliers best suit the family homes needs.

Developed by Dr. Michael Celaya, the curriculum was pilot-tested in fifteen schools during the 2001-2002 school year in cooperation with the Mathematics, Engineering and Scientific Achievement Program (MESA), operated by the Colorado Minority Engineering Association. Currently, we are revising the curriculum and working to increase its circulation for the next academic year.