Energy Education for Business

The Problem

The major energy production, generation, transmission and distribution systems in the U.S. are running at nearly full capacity. Energy prices are becoming more volatile and reliability is becoming more questionable just as many companies are facing the need for much greater reliability. But after nearly two decades of real price decreases in energy, few companies are equipped to deal with energy issues or to take advantage of new opportunities.

How Can Companies Capitalize on Opportunities?

There is much that companies can do to manage energy towards an improved bottom line. They need to be aware of opportunities and then learn how to capitalize on them. Making energy decisions can be a complex undertaking however, involving numerous key individuals from different areas of the organization. CESC is exploring how to provide the right type of information and education to the right people in an organization.

CESC's Current Activities

The University of Denver (DU) contracted with CESC to assess the energy information needs of companies and to develop a course at DU to address some of these needs. CESC completed a detailed literature search and summary of energy education for business programs around the country. CESC also developed curriculum for an "Energy Risks and Opportunities for Business" course for DU.

CESC's Future Activities

CESC actively recruits and supports college research that will help business. For more information please see CESC's Student Energy Research Program.

The Colorado Energy Science Center is offering memberships to companies wishing to become Charter Corporate Members. This charter groups of companies will provide input to CESC on the structure and direction of a long-term membership program.